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Life Is Story Problem

Abandoned by everyone he loved, it was very painful. Feeling down and feel alone in suffering. He felt the life was too cruel for him and it will last forever. The world may seem dark and unfriendly. He felt like he has nothing to look forward to. The loneliness of his life more than he could bear. He continued to assume that his suffering was the hardest. Until he finally met someone who really suffer. A woman with a disability and didn’t have anything even anyone. He was very sad to see that woman, but she still survived and smiled even though there was nothing she can do anymore than waiting to die.

He finally realized that under the ground still ground and above the sky still the sky. There are more suffering than we are and there are still happier than we are. Life isn’t just to be here, much remains to be done. Keep it mind that every people have been sad, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be perfectly happy.

After sadness there will be happiness. Everyday is full of hope. Life must go on.

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The Persistence Of Dreamer’s Footprints

A man who had million dreams. He wants to be a great man, but he always failed and failed again. He said, “God, I don’t understand why am I always fail? Why are you acting unfairly against me?”. He kept asking but no answer from God. Finally he kept walking although he found the failure, because there was no choice. And he thought, “After I had gone this far, no word back before I found the justice of God”.

He looked back at the footprints in the sand was already very long. And again he thought, “Why am I can walk so far? Is that God give me this strength?”. After that, he found something important from his journey. And then he said, “I understand now why you didn’t give us what we want. First, you give us what we need. Because with a big dream, I must have a strong spirit to be a great man. And after everything was ready, I believe you’ll give us what we want.”

Believe that God loves us. Don’t give up, keep trying and praying. Everything will be beautiful in time.

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