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My Travel : Batu Karas

Batu Karas is a village at the south coast from West Java, Indonesia. A beach which is the surfers paradise. I can say this travel themed reunion with my high school friends. Twelve peoples will go to Batu Karas. We met in my friend’s house at 8 pm. Because of the enthusiasm, me and Rolando came at 6 pm. At 8 pm they had no gathered and we both waited until 11 pm. But at 11 pm we didn’t go because a lot of problems. Finally we went to Batu Karas from Bandung at 1 am on July 9, 2011. It was too late because we planned to get there before sunrise. In the way we saw a lot of scooters. There was a scooter event in Pangandaran, which ends in Batu Karas. Traffic jam due to holidays made us slightly delayed.

FIRST DAY. Finally after 7 hours of tense travel, we arrived in Batu Karas at 8 am. Why tense travel? My friend who driving was so crazy. We felt a few times near death. Horrible! In the holidays like this, many peoples visited here and it was difficult to find a place to stay. After searched, we finally got a home-stay. We took a bath, ate, and sleep then woke up in the afternoon. We walked to the beach. Wow very crowded on the beach! We waited for sunset and walked to the hill near the beach. I doubt the sun will arise due to cloudy weather. But I keep looked for the best spot to get the sunset, in hopes of sunset will appear. After it, I tried to take pictures of crowded on the beach while waiting. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t appear until dark. We returned to home-stay with a little disappointed. But it’s okay, maybe tomorrow will be better. Then we returned to home-stay and had dinner. After that we played poker until midnight. Unexpected my friends brought a lot of beer in the midnight. Yeah! We partied until morning and forgot to saw the sunrise.

SECOND DAY. We woke up at noon, ate instant noodles, took a bath and ready to went to Green Canyon. Green Canyon is a beautiful river, an hour from Batu Karas. The scenery was very nice! Around the river there were hills and vines with green water and quiet flow. We used a boat to explore this river. Our explorations stopped in a place, the boat can’t go there. To continue our explorations we have to swim and we can find a waterfall there. We equipped with a life jacket and began to swim accompanied by two guides. The water was so cold! Halfway, we saw a lot of people who climbed to the cliff and jumped into the water. We skipped this section first and continued to waterfall. We weren’t lucky by the way, swift flow made us can’t reach the waterfall. Finally we came back into the cliff, climbed and jumped! Very exciting! Full of tension!Very excited and exhausted explorations. Finally we arrived in home-stay at night, then we had dinner and immediately went to bed so as not to miss the sunrise again.

THIRD DAY. Only four of us who woke up early, then we walked into the cliff to waited sunrise. Ah! The weather was cloudy again. The sun began to rise but obscured by clouds. This was my last day here, and I waited for it. I took some pictures while waiting. Finally, the sun came out of the clouds. My disappointment a little relieved this time. I returned to home-stay with a little smile. After ate, took a bath and prepared, we were ready to go home. We briefly stopped to Pangandaran and continued to Ciamis. In Ciamis we went to my friend’s grandfather’s house to eat. After that we continued to Bandung. Yeah tense travel again!

The Crowded

The Green Canyon

The Sunrise

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My Travel : Ujung Genteng

In the morning of April 22, 2011 my travel started with Rolando and others. From Bandung to Ujung Genteng by bus. Ujung Genteng is a southern coastal area of West Java which is located at Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. Along the way we fell asleep, because we didn’t sleep the day before. We arrived in Ujung Genteng at night and got to home-stay to continue sleeping, because we were so tired. Tomorrow morning we’ll begin the journey!

Started with the sunrise in the morning, we walked to the beach. The fresh morning air and the rustling sound of the waves made our eyes open. Just waited a few minutes, the sun began to rise. Here we go!

We returned to home-stay after feasted for the eyes. Our next journey was Cikaso Waterfall, located quite far from the beach. After everything was ready, we went to Cikaso Waterfall immediately. The road wasn’t good, it made us hampered and many distractions. Finally we arrived too late, it was very tired journey. Okay, the weather was very hot. Fortunately we can swim here, and then everybody ran and jumped into the water. Clear water that got direct sunlight made it shiny. I didn’t care anymore about hot weather, let’s prepared my camera and took some pictures of waterfall.

In this place, we spent more than 3 hours. Because the hot weather makes us swam for a long time here. From here, we went to Tanah Lot. The road wasn’t good again and again. Almost all the roads were bad here,  but you won’t regret after reaching some places in Ujung Genteng. Then we arrived in Tanah Lot. What a beautiful place! But there was a problem! We can’t stay here for a long time because this event has scheduled! Okay whatever, immediately I took some pictures by utilizing available time. I think the time just 10 minutes!

From Tanah Lot, we moved to the beach near our home-stay. We arrived before sunset and waiting for release turtle to the sea. We were swimming and playing with sand when waited for that.

Ujung Genteng has a breeding of sea turtles, and we can release the baby turtle to the sea with other people. It was so cute!

I was thrilled to see the struggles of the baby turtles. They tried to reach the sea, dead or alive. Then a dog came and disturbed the baby turtle’s journey, everyone was trying to protect the baby turtles. Finally they all survived until the sea, but no one knows if they survived at sea. Goodluck!

Finally the sunset was come! That was closed our journey. We returned at night then we threw the party before go home.

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My Travel : Karimunjawa

This is my travel to Karimunjawa Islands, July 27, 2010. Karimunjawa is an island-chains 83 kilometers north of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Me, Rolando and others departed from Bandung to Jepara by bus at 8 pm. After 22 hours of traveling, we arrived in Jepara at 6 am and had breakfast for a while. After that we entered the ship to go to Karimunjawa at 7 am.


  • The Sundown

Yeah! 8 hours passed, finally we arrived in Karimunjawa at 3 pm.  Immediately we went to home-stay and took a bath. Then we walked to the harbour to enjoy the sunset.

The sunset was very beautiful. We enjoyed while chatting until it was getting dark. After that we walked around the island and we had dinner in the small restaurant. Then returned to home-stay to prepare for tomorrow and sleep.


  • The Breeding of Sharks

Our second day started when woke up at 6 am. After prepared, we walked to the harbour. A boat was waiting for us there. With a driver and a guide we immediately headed to the breeding of sharks. It only takes 15 minutes to get there. We can swim with sharks here. Not only sharks, there were also a sea turtle and starfish.

Wow! Shark movements were so fast and scary but didn’t dare to approach. If we approach, they’ll move away. There were two types of sharks, black and white sharks. I didn’t know the name of that sharks. We can take pictures with a sea turtle and starfish here. After we were satisfied, we returned to the boat and continued our journey to other islands.

  • The Beautiful Island

From the breeding of sharks, we traveled for an hour to reach an island. An island with white sand and clear blue-green water, the scenery was very very wonderful! I didn’t remember all the name of the islands.

Unfortunately, the weather was slightly cloudy. In here we just walked around the island and swam. Not much we did here. Maybe after 2 hours the rain made us return to the boat and continued to the next island.

  • The Sand Island

We met many peoples here. Our guide said, here the most convenient place to swim. Yes of course we swam again here, because on the before island we were interrupted by rain.

In here, we can walked out to sea. There was white sand toward the sea which form a small island. But if seawater was at high tide, the small island will disappear and reappear again at low tide. I called it Sand Island. After swam, our guide took us to snorkeling. Whoa I can’t wait for it! And immediately we get into the boat and went to the middle of the sea.

  • The Amazing Snorkeling

After arrived in the middle of the sea, we prepared for snorkeling.  We equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and swim-fins. Some of my friends equipped a life jacket. After everything was ready, we immediately jump into the sea. Here we go!

Once in the water, we saw many nemo fish. We feed the fish, so they gathered and then I took some pictures. After took some pictures, there was a problem. My underwater camera was broken! I lost my chance to take some pictures about coral beauty in here. Besides that my eyes were very satisfied with the beauty of the coral. That was really really wonderful! Trust me! We were very tired because snorkeling for 3 hours. We returned to the boat and continued the journey to another island.

  • The Special Lunch

This island was uninhabited and smaller than the others. We had for lunch and rest for a while in here. Our guide brought some fresh fishes for our lunch. Before our journey he caught many fish from the sea.

Yes grilled fish! It was very delicious. All of we ate very much because snorkeling was very tired. After we ate and rest for a while, we prepared for return to our home-stay for sleep. We enjoyed the sunset from the boat accompanied by wind and waves. Hell yeah!


  • The Cottage

On the third day, we went to a cottage on an island. We’ll stay there for a while.

After moved all of our stuff, we walked around the island. There was a little dock in here. When the weather wasn’t hot, we ready for snorkeling again. Let’s go!

  • The Wonderful Coral

We were snorkeling again! Before snorkeling we waited for cool weather in the cottage. Finally the weather began more cool. This time, some of my friends didn’t use the boat to sea but we swam from a little dock. Enjoy!

Truly wonderful! We saw more types of coral and fish here. More beautiful and colourful than before. Our guide taught us how to diving. He was diving about 10 meters into the seabed and then hold a coral reef. We learnt how to dive while enjoyed nice scenery. Cool! Then we returned to the dock, and ready for saw the sunset on other island.

  • The Brilliant Combination

Before went to this island, we bought some coconuts. Yeah, enjoy the sunset while drinking coconut is the best thing I’ve ever felt! The colourful sky, the fresh coconut water, the sound waves hit the rocks, the sounds of birds and wind were a brilliant combination.

Speechless! Because of that we forget if we had not eaten and very tired. Finally we returned to home-stay  again. Tomorrow we will rest full of day and come out at night to attend an event in town hall.


  • The Last Day

This is the last day we stay here. We woke up at noon, because so tired. In the afternoon we started the activity to enjoy the sunset. The last sunset.

This night there was an event in town hall. Culinary event and premiere of Karimunjawa’s film starring Nugie (Indonesian Actor/Musician) and many more. After eat some traditional food, we watched the film except me and three of my friends. Because we’ll catch squid and crab in the sea! After a few hours from the sea, we returned and brought a lot of squids and crabs. It’s time for food party! See you tomorrow!

In the morning we were ready to go to the harbour. We entered the ship and back to home. This is the end of my travel. See you again!

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