Ujung Genteng

My Travel : Ujung Genteng

In the morning of April 22, 2011 my travel started with Rolando and others. From Bandung to Ujung Genteng by bus. Ujung Genteng is a southern coastal area of West Java which is located at Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia.¬†Along the way we fell asleep, because we didn’t sleep the day before. We arrived in Ujung Genteng at night and got to home-stay to continue sleeping, because we were so tired. Tomorrow morning we’ll begin the journey!

Started with the sunrise in the morning, we walked to the beach. The fresh morning air and the rustling sound of the waves made our eyes open. Just waited a few minutes, the sun began to rise. Here we go!

We returned to home-stay after feasted for the eyes. Our next journey was Cikaso Waterfall, located quite far from the beach. After everything was ready, we went to Cikaso Waterfall immediately. The road wasn’t good, it made us hampered and many distractions. Finally we arrived too late, it was very tired journey. Okay, the weather was very hot. Fortunately we can swim here, and then everybody ran and jumped into the water. Clear water that got direct sunlight made it shiny. I didn’t care anymore about hot weather, let’s prepared my camera and took some pictures of waterfall.

In this place, we spent more than 3 hours. Because the hot weather makes us swam for a long time here. From here, we went to Tanah Lot. The road wasn’t good again and again. Almost all the roads were bad here,¬† but you won’t regret after reaching some places in Ujung Genteng. Then we arrived in Tanah Lot. What a beautiful place! But there was a problem! We can’t stay here for a long time because this event has scheduled! Okay whatever, immediately I took some pictures by utilizing available time. I think the time just 10 minutes!

From Tanah Lot, we moved to the beach near our home-stay. We arrived before sunset and waiting for release turtle to the sea. We were swimming and playing with sand when waited for that.

Ujung Genteng has a breeding of sea turtles, and we can release the baby turtle to the sea with other people. It was so cute!

I was thrilled to see the struggles of the baby turtles. They tried to reach the sea, dead or alive. Then a dog came and disturbed the baby turtle’s journey, everyone was trying to protect the baby turtles. Finally they all survived until the sea, but no one knows if they survived at sea. Goodluck!

Finally the sunset was come! That was closed our journey. We returned at night then we threw the party before go home.

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