Photography Guide : Master Colour

This is Master Colour Photography Guide from Digital Camera Magazines that I’ve read. I’ll share some contents like my previous post. Enjoy!


1. Know Your Presets
Don’t leave the choice of white balance down to the camera – get into the habit of doing it yourself.

2. Get Creative
Boost sunsets by choosing a ‘Cloudy’ WB setting. Cool a daylight shot with a ‘Tungsten’ one.

3. Consider The Contrast
Create bold images by only including two colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.

4. Think About The Size
Two complementary colours of equal size in the frame can lead to disappointing images.

5. Saturate In-Camera
If you shoot JPEG, increase the colour saturation in-camera rather than in an image-editor.

6. Shoot Raw
If your camera allows it and you’ve got time to edit your images, it’ll lead to less image degradation.

7. Buy A Polariser
Reducing glare and increasing saturation as a result.

8. Keep Warm
Don’t sell your warm-up filters – they can produce a more natural result than a Photoshop treatment.

9. Quieten Down
To create a restful mood, fill your frame with colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel.

10. Go Mono Later
Always shoot in colour – you can always convert an image to black and white on your computer.

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